Wednesday, January 7, 2009

School Rumble Review

Guy wants girl, girl wants someone else. Typical storyline. Mr. Sunglasses wants to be a mangaka too. With some interesting character and twists, it's an interesting manga.

Story: 8
It HAS a story. But too many chapters seem retarded. But there are some great sub arcs (mini plots) that really make this a great manga. Only problem: Way too long. The story just...never ends. And there are very few progressions to the plot but there IS, so that's a major THUMBS Up for me :).

Characters: 6-7
Some characters are great, like Mr. Sunglasses-even-at night. That foxy sister of the lead girl is good too. Lead girl is retarded, ugly from time to time, and a loser. How can she think that guy she wants (I don't remember his name) will like her stupid ass. But that weird quite guy she likes is cool and it turns out he DOES like her. So that's interesting. The blond chick was interesting but went down in my mind. She has an interest plot behind her and it SHOULD have been played out more and it kinda was. I expect more of it though...or expected as that storyline seems to have died. It just didn't get dark enough for me... Oh yea, there are characters to hate: Imadoki and that large breasted girl he was after (she was originally good but she shot down). And then there is this girl who cheating on her boyfriend. She seemed ok but she is CLEARLY cheating and I am hating that because the author doesn't make it clear enough for us to get it. I know that makes no sense but I am watching her >.>

Art: 6
It could be better and its not always great. But its fine.

Overall: 7

Final thoughts: Overrated and too bloody long. I wouldn't buy it because stupid Del Rey does it and they suck at everything they do nowadays.. Also, the story is ok but not worth your moneys. Some people are obsessed with it so maybe there is some inner good? Oh, it IS good, I won't lie but not the best. But for the most part, it DOES make use of its potential and for that I am happy. I hate manga that have great potential but don't use it (Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles, Hayate the Combat Butler).

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