Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hayate the Combat Butler review

Alright, I read the manga of this (I usually do) and I feel its pretty good. Story is about Hayate who works as a butler for Nagi. They do all kinds of silly and pointless things. It's geared towards preteens and under, though I guess others could enjoy it.

Art: 7
It's fine and good quality. The characters are all too much the same though design-wise. (I am talking minor characters. There are 3 minors particularly that all look alike despite 2 being boys and 1 being a girl).

Story: 6-8
Uh. That's my first word that comes to mine. It had a great start and I thought it would be sort of actiony later. I mean "Combat butler"? But sadly, no. It was pretty...plotless for most of the beginning though it was completely fine and interesting. It was funny from time to time and was original! Then, there comes a chapter that seemed very good. If Nagi cries, she loses all her money. Hayate now has to protect her from criminals and kidnappers. I thought "yes, some combat!". Well, I became disappointed. There were scenes with kidnappers but not interesting at all. There WERE interesting plot and subplots but no combat what so ever. I mean, fine...that's ok as this is a kid's comic. I excused the fact that all the villains became jokes and were no real threat, just another humor tool. However, the manga stopped caring about a plot completely. You know how many manga have bonus chapters, usually holiday related, and perhaps just to detail a character? YYH had one at the end of the 7 book, for example. Well, this WHOLE manga is made up of those chapters and has the feel of it. Usually, readers skip those bonus chapters when they are reading the manga and want the plot. Well, I want to skipt these chapters except they are REAL chapters. Where's the story? There are many great subplots and interesting plots but there is no real progress. Nagi needs to be captured by someone that actually makes the reader's belief they have a chance (they can still be worthless and funny). Hayate needs to have a real conflict (no violence is needed but that would be good)! So, I feel the deeper story needs to be pushed. Oh you know what? There were these powerful looking butlers that truly WERE combat butlers. If Hayate were to get into a tournament or have to fight and beat them, that would be great. But that requires ACTUAL good action to work.

Characters: 8
That's all this is. The characters are unique and interesting but nothing ever really happens. I keep having new favorites. This more because I get disappointed with the character. Nagi- very cute and interesting at the beginning. However, I started to dislike her personality and she was just getting pointlessly kidnapped. Tama- Very funny, needs more appearance. Maria- I don't like her. She does great things and I feel the need to like her (and sometimes I do) but oeverall she is pointless. Hinagoku- Very great, funny, and cute. Too bad she is showing up less and her personality has getting bland. Hamster- she has grown in my mind as a good character. She will go down I am sure. Hayate- Great but DON'T DRESS AS A GIRL. That kills this manga for boys.

Scene: 9
It's played out well for all intents and purpose. Too bad there is no story to follow up.

Overall: 7

Final thoughts: I am being nice but that's truly what the manga is. It lacks plot despite it having GREAT (i mean it) potential. If only Hayate was really a combat butler, this would be great. But the author feels its more important to have a new story each chapter with no story.

My real final thoughts: Ok, I am being cruel. Its a great if you have patience and go in with a positive attitude. If you want to run through a manga, then don't for this one. Take time and enjoy it. The characters are quite great. Only problem is if they set up a conflict or plot, I expect some sort of finish of it (Like i felt a butler tournament would be good in the manga and apparently the anime directors felt the same and made one!). Just don't hint at something you aren't doing.

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