Saturday, January 3, 2009

Review and Guide: Negima Volume Five

Volume 5:

Negi is now in a situation where he can get a second pactio. He'll need it when fighting against a stronger opponent: the partially demon Kotarou!

Story: Getting better and better, really setting the mood for the climatic finish!

Character: We meet Kotaro and better under Tsukioyomi (the freaky swordsgirl). Yue also becomes an important person.

Things to look for:
-End of chapter 38 (page 80) shows a scene that shows ALL the villains of this saga. You'd be surprised to learn about these characters.
-you should understand how dangerous Nodoka's power is (reading minds?! crap!)
-it would seem Negi will have to learn to combine melee fighting with magic to survive in these situations (foreshadowing of future training)
-Negi knows that his process of finding his father is dangerous and he will fight VERY dangerous opponents. Which means that Nagi might have been taken down by a dangerous foe or is involved with a dirty situation. Foreshadows taht Negi will have many foes to fight and that this is becoming a shounen title.
-Takahata taught him how to fight (that means Takahata knows how to fight too...)
-Negi says that Evangeline was holding back on him.

There are other interesting things but I'm sure you saw them even if you skimmed.

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