Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clannad and Clannad Afterstory

A great series. Too much depressing scenes but if you want a cry, KEY is your man. Clannad is probably my favorite KEY work for better women than Kanon (though Kanon's protagonist was better).

Even if you hate KEY, there are reasons to see this show: Akio, Ushio, and Sunohara/Tomoya hijinks. You might even like the females! Only problems is that every character gets the same rushed through storyline forcing drama upon you AND I do not like the Nagisa storyline much. Also, the end of Afterstory is confusing to most. If you really want to understand, play the visual novel.

Overall, a funny and interesting show. It envokes emotions and makes you get all hyper. Not a bad series to see.

Akikan anime

I just finished episode 12, the last episode of this series (OVA coming out later). I must say: it was fun but too short. Let's start with what's wrong: boring storyline, ugly and annoying females, and terrible animation. Usually that's what kills a series but:
The males are hilarious. Seriously, one of the funniest shows I've seen. In fact, all those negative qualities serve to make this series more fun. While the battle scenes are too serious and detract from the series, luckily they are few. In the last fight, the fight is actually pretty interesting. Thankfully, every scene can be made funny.

This series is watchable for its use of Kakeru, Otoya (gay guy), and Gigolo: all hilarious guys. Mizu is freaking cute as hell and the lesbian is a nice touch too. Other characters are cliched but acceptable. Enjoy this series that's funny but with some annoying serious parts and terrible QUALITY issues. Still worth a see. I hear the manga is vastly different.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Toradora episode 25

While the past 2 episodes seemed rushed, this one seemed to drag a little. Maybe it was normal and I was just comparing to the ones before, but it did kinda seem long... I don't know why they had Taiga run away and come back in the same episode. Why follow the novels (unlike what you did before) if it didn't have any impact on the audience because of presentation? What, we are supposed to believe it showed Ryuuji's determination? Yea right. It was an okay last episode though it didn't do anything amazing, but nothing bad either.

Ending was lack luster. So he said "i love you"...okay and? Most series end and make you wanna clap or feel empty. I feel neither with this series. I will be fine to never watch this again. Only thing that interested by was the teacher's speech on leaving our friends but when I resaw it, it wasn't as good as I thought.

Overall: Toradora brings nothing new to the plate. If you are well versed in anime and western literature, it should be everything you've already seen with nothing original or interesting. In fact, it seemed to be missing parts of the typical storyline. Whatever... it was okay. Miniron's Voice actor was good when doing other people's voices but that's it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Toradora episode 23 and 24

Long time, no post. I've been keeping up with the modern anime: akikan, clannad, and toradora. All are good series but somehow toradora has come to piss me off. This series is a strange form of ecchiless harem. It was an interesting series from episode 1 to maybe 20 with little over dramatic crap. Minorin's VA (when doing other voices) was AMAZING. Kitamura was an amusing character to watch and he made me laugh. But what I want to talk about is the newest 2 episodes which made Toradora drop in its quality.
Perhaps the novels do a different and better method but I want to focus on the anime. First thing: inconsistent characters. This series did what Hayate the combat butler did and made it 10 times worse: it brought good characters and made you hate them. The class president was interesting, independent, and tough. But BAM!, end of her episode showed her to be an annoying cry baby. This happens with all the characters. Minorin goes from cute to bitch violent slut. Ami goes from wise guy to fortune cookie advice giver.
Episode 23: Episode is fine, Taiga is cute. But end of the episode, everyone turns on Ryuuji and Taiga. Minorin completely assaults Taiga and yells at her, being #1 bitch. Completely unfriendly and completely evil. Just a terribly inconsistent thought.

Episode 24: Wow, what terrible pacing. From not even accepting the other's feelings to MARRIAGE and RUNNING AWAY?! Oh god... No kissing even. And Ryuuji being mean to his mom? Come on now! She wants you to be happy and succeed; I hardly think her telling you to do college is pushing her failures on you. It's not like she made you a doctor or something.

This is just my major issues. Toradora was acceptable but really dropped in ranks. You wanna be sane? When you see that the next episode is about skiing, STOP WATCHING. Imagine a happy ending and drop the series.

I will continue to watch the other anime.