Saturday, January 3, 2009

Review and Guide: Negima Volume Four

Volume 4: (chapters 25-34)
The start of the kyoto saga! Negi needs to bring a leader to the leader of the Kansai Magic Association. However, not everyone wants him to bring it so they will be sure to stop him. Also, they plan to kidnap Konoka because it seems she has magical abilities!

Story: Getting better and better. The climatic finish of this saga is to die for!

Character: We are introduced Setsuna, the cheerleaders, and Asakura (using the plot) this volume. Setsuna and Asakura are the ones to focus on.

Things to pay attention to:
-when speaking to Evangeline near the beginning, Negi has a flashback. Nekane is on the ground unconscious. Keep this image in your head.
-Notice those who didn't come (Sayo, Evangeline, Chachamaru, TAKAHATA!)
-Where is Takahata? This should be a question in your mind. He will be mentioned in volume 6 so be aware of it!
-understand the abilities of the pactio card (summoning people, using their unique abilities and artifacts [these are tools], and telepathic speaking).
-start to understand the enemies. Some of them are hired help, which means they are mercenaries working for someone else. Question is WHO that someone would seem even monkey girl is working for someone despite her SEEMING to be the one behind all of this (she might just have a common motive with the brains)

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