Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to the NHK

My, what a powerful anime.

Starring Satou, a useless guy who doesn't work or go to school, we have a tale of all the crazy stuff he does. But what makes this interesting is that its a depressing comedy; a tragedy if you will though it is unclear if it has a tragic end at all.

Now, I feel this is a DEFINITE must see among anime viewers or anyone. It is a sobering tale, showing the hardships of lives, subcultures, and dangers taht everyone faces. While it keeps the humor up and mixes in a little romance, its a realistic story that should teach you a bit more about our world and the people who live in it. Very good!

Of course, there is an element of mystery behind the 'angel who wants to save' Satou. Who is she? Is she good? Why does she want to help? How does she know so much about Satou?

random notes (skip):
Welcome to the NHK, episode 4; sky girls poster in the back at 17:28
Welcome to the nhk episde 5- I’m surprisingly a huge fan of this particular episode. It was funny with the freud piece
Welcome to nhk episode 7, at 17:00 they start playing the song (has lyrics thus)
8- she dresses up so cute. GREAT END; THEY ALMOST KISS

episode 9 of nhk:so depressing about yamazaki. 21 begins cuteness and a song
10: at 4, funny faces. Around 7;55, MEOW. Him stalking her has good music
Feel that NHK ni Yokoso is VERY well written. Makes you question what Satou should do with Misaki: She could hurt him and make him a hikikomori forever. Stop seeing her then? Perhaps Misaki is a lonely girl who just wants a friend and saw satou kun a lot from her room.
11- VERY POWERFUL episode (the end with misaki at least)

12- 4:23, I’m scared shitless. I mean, weird people and people say this episode proves its not comedy. 20:10 is so AWWW worthy.
13-aww, its so sad and good. But the very end is touching on how everyone cries
14- nice song at 16 or a bit before
15- 17:14 HEALER

Nhk 16- 5:30, Misaki meows. Mia is hot but the episode brings a nice lesson
Nhk 17: 16:30, the way people talk about hikimoris is pretty kickass and makes you wonder why the world is so mean to them. Fuck up your president!
18- embarrassed misaki at 7:53. Minut before eyecatch, I’m raging because of the pres who is tricking them again
Nhk is very depressing but very realistic and shows you the truth behind life. Makes you an adult. Welcome to the NHK: a depressing look about subcultures and life in general. A must see for ALL adults even with its controversial topics such as lolicon, suicide, and scams.
Welcome to NHK episode 19- deep reasoning behind why people don’t change their lifestyles: scared. After eyecatch, interesting galge
20- OH SHIT. Yamazaki shows the chick all his galge and she says “baka” at 18:48. Its clear she likes him but he has to reject her since he might have to leave her in a mnth
22- at 9:35, I'm about to cry because Sempai's story is so sad but of course, it brightens up soon enough. But Misaki's story is sad too
23- at 9:35 or so, Satou reads the newest contract which surprised me! Heartbreaking choice. Oh god, the very end is so intense with Misaki going back to her hometown.
24- beginning as great music. 17:20 "i'll listen to anything, no matter how boring"- that's so 'aww' inspiring. but he trolls her with this Freudian dream. Cute end since Satou is teaching Misaki now