Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lovely Complex [episode] Review

I haven't finished it yet but here is my overall thoughts.

From episode 1 to 16, it is overall an okay series. It has funny parts and is VERY original but I find myself forcing myself to watch it and complete it. Its kinda boring.

Story: Not too original. Girl likes boy and wants to make him like her. The originality is that she does tell him fairly early but the way she gets to that point is VERY cliched. Score: 5/10

Characters: A bit more unique. A tall girl and a short boy. I find that both funny and original. Nobu-chan interests me sometimes with her humor. Everyone else isn't important. Maity-sensei is the most cliched of all in this series and even plays the cliched role of new target. Haku would have been the cliched childhood friend who wants Risa to fall in love with him but backs down (he plays a good role now; popping in for jokes). There is that blond chick who also is unique. You think she is going to be Risa's rival (much like Haku would be Otani's rival) but luckily neither do that. The blond is a guy (AWESOME!). Score: 8/10. The only cliche isn't even that bad.

Scene (episode for this case): They follow the same set up over and over (set up [maybe from last episode] and most of the interscenes are the same thing. How many basketball games or Maity-sama club scenes do we need? They do the same thing over and over and over. Luckily, Otani keeps rejecting Risa giving us some originality. Scene: 5/10. Scenes are fine the first time you see them but they repeat.

Overall: 4/10
Wow that's low (maybe 5/10) but yes I find this overall quite boring. Humor is good and the episode sometimes makes you hyped up for the next episode. But the following episode always does nothing. Truly, episode 5 was the best for destroying my expectations with the boy transveiste. But here is an example for the other episode. Risa is rejected! Oh no! What will happen next time? Next episode: cries and acts similarly as before. Another example: Risa gives up completely on Otani. Next episode: acts the same as always and so does Otani.

That's it guys. An occasionally funny but overall boring anime. I'll finish it and add an update if it changes my mind.

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