Saturday, January 3, 2009

Review and Guide: Negima Volume Six

One of the GREATEST volumes in the Negima. It's consistently good!

Volume 6: (chapter 43-53)

Story: Negi must save Konoka from the Kansai Association's mages! No spoilers, just read it.

Characters: We meet the infamous Fate Averruncus. He is perhaps the best known Negima villain (Evangeline is the most known in the anime) and probably 2nd or 3rd popular. We also see Eishun, an ally of Nagi during the war. We finally see Evangeline at her best!

Things to look out for:
-Fate is a western mage (means he is NOT Japanese). All throughout the volume we learn facts like he was hired by someone other than the monkey girl (this is the first implication of a main bad guy/association that exists in the background of Negima; a very tense mood is shown with this). He also uses petrification magic, etc. He's not human. He's from the Istanbul Magic Council (This seems to be important...)
-Negi truly needs to learn how to be a melee fighter and mage
-Eishun (ally of the great Nagi) LOSES to Fate.
-Asuna can nullify magic!
-Asuna could be a good swordsman
-Mana has worked with Setsuna during other magical jobs, meaning she is aware of magic and quite tough (This is something VERY important to note. She is very strong!)
-Kaede and Ku Fei are tough girls :)
-Setsuna was thrown out of her clan because she is half human and demon.
-Eva-chan is a tough mage! Clearly she WAS holding back on Negi and Negi now respects her magical strength (maybe she will teach him to be badass too [hint: she will but not as soon as you think])
-Takahata is mentioned to be overseas. Why? What is he doing? (You'll find out...much later)
-Photo of Nagi's gang
-Eishun talks about a war (a MAGICAL war). You will want to keep notes because this is very important backstory for where Nagi is and what is he famous for.
-Evangeline calls herself the last or 2nd to last boss. Its seems to be foreshadowing that Negi will have to fight her once again.

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