Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cardcaptor Sakura review

An amazing anime from the 90's. It is truly a must see in the anime world, and no, you don't have to be a lolicon to like it.

Great music, great art, great characters, funny, and nice story. While each episode is monster of the week, it does connect to the grand scheme of things. The characters are quite amazing, characters I thought I would hate only turned out to make me love them immensely. Yukito seems like such a fag (and he is) but he is fucking amazing.

I actually made little comments all throughout the series of fuck yeah comments. They are incoherent but maybe they will help you:

Sakura 9: seems so slow until Rika goes all crazy with sword. After a 2 minute sword fight, Kero tells it’s the SWORD card. No, really?! Lots of wtf moments: 20:18 (Yuki says Sister-complex!) and he also asks Li are you alright like a fag, Also, LI is a fag too (:20 seconds before the end). Episode 10: best anime ever! Best reaction faces! Sakura is forced to dance randomly with flower girl.

CCS episode 12: Very fuck year! When Li gets the tiem card, his face 21:40 yells GAR

Best anime: episode 13: Powerturns out to be a small cute thing. And then ELEPHANT helps Sakura play tug of war. Best shit ever. Li using TIME (fuck year, he got the goods) to win!

Sakura 14: WTF moments everywhere and cutest couple: bro and chick. (toya and yoko?). Everyone is fag for Yukito. REMEMBER THIS EPISODE FOR YOKO WHO WAS REJECTED

15: around 6 minutes, Sakura is in monster form. Hilarious. Very emotional past half way mark. Emotional when bro is nice around 15:30

17: at 3:40, Sakura’s face is priceless. BUT HOLY SHIT. SCARY EPISODE IS SCARY. 21:50 is proof of li’s faggotry

ccs 22- feels good near the end with baww and father askin Sakura for help. “I need a skillful assistant” and how her face brightens up. Kero says cards can’t mix everything: BULLSHIT. There are THREE flying cards (fly, float, and move). Cards for everything

23- Kuro says “Let’s put that thought aside” THREE fucking times. Kickass

Ccs 25- IT GET SERIOUS. The cards are fighting back and it’s a bad ass episode. Very dark and climatic

Ccs 26- interesting the entire episode. Getting even more serious

Ccs 27- leading up to epicness with ‘evil’ teacher. Also, girl talk (Li and Sakura) about Yukito’s sexiness. The epic faggotry reeks of greatness. Question: kero was able to determine a card that swallows Sakura to be the RETURN card, yet he can’t tell the name of the most obvious cards… isn’t that strange? The card is pretty complex to figure out. Otherwise, very enjoyable episodes.

Cc2 28- more epicness with SHOT Card.
29-everyone is so hyped up about if Yukito will like their cake and of course he does. Meilin (Chao from Negima) is so cute in this episode. 13: 20 or so, Li busts in and stares and then walks out. Creepy music around that teacher

ccs 34- Yukito (from being fag to GAR) is just cool as fuck. I came when he was so nice to Sakura and was so smart. Hot music at 12:00 (on iPOd I think). Yukito is so happy about getting a motherfucking pen! He’s so badass

35-Yamasaki waves for an hour at 5:00. Pathological liar WIN! 5:45 around: she freaks out. 8:43 (what the fuck moment) accepted on a date before EYECATCH, super cute. A little before 13:00, army march Li. Toya is fucking everywhere with every job. Its hilarious. TOYA’S FACE AT 14:20, OWNS ALL. But Yukito’s food binge is nice. Kickass battle. Kero upgrade. 20:20. I LOVE YUKIO. Special end for Christmas

Ccs 38: 22:42 andto the end is hilarious!
Ccs 39- 12:02 BEST REACTION FACES. Big brother knows fuckign everything at 17☺0. Proves that sakura’s reflection is hotter than her.

Ccs 40: 3:13 and on is a song with lyrics. Good. Seriously, first 5 minutes are worth seeing over. Yukito and touya ARE EVERYWHERE> I love it though. It’s a very plot important chapter and seems to run through entire series and foreshadow

41; 9:40 nice song 17:30 sakura kiss. End is very strange with teacher and the music

42- school play: sakura is badass and its enjoyable. Very cute and Sakura-prince is handsome. Unfortunately it ends with a shitty plot device of believing in yourself and not intelligence. The very end seems very mysterious with kero chan hinting at Yue and teacher and scary music

43- 10:20 random girl sings OPENING! Hahaha, nice. And meilin left! I’ll miss her and her co fight with li

45- end of card capturing. EPIC EVERYTHING. Not overly exciting but lots of changes in plot. Yukito being Yue! 21:12 Syaron’s epic scream!

Ccs 46- depressing for a bit but a great conclusion to this arc. Ending is a flashback of all episodes. Seriously, yukito is the most amazing character in the world: monster, gar dude, gay, maker of gays, etc

47- british fag and some cute chick

48- around 8 minutes, girl releases her sexy and dark voice!!

50- around 14, tomoyo releases lesbianism. We learn about bad guys at end.

Ccs 52- 11:40 sakura sings an opening
54- 19:20 (Heart touching present giving. Makes me feel bad if I was ever mean to someone who gave me a present)
55- 2nd half is alice in wonderland (kero = queen)
56- evil chick is so cute at 4:15! Beginning of 2nd half is hilarious with plush toy talk. Very funny. Great reaction at 22

57-great art and song during beginning of 2nd half (Shows translation of syaron’s song)

Css 58- bad plans mr. Eriol. Prevent them from going into weak state? Why (lots of bad plans)? Also, kero goes crazy at 12:30. Around 18, we find out yue loves Clow: too much faggot love. 20;30 IS GREAT MUSTIC

ccs 60- tomoyo pretty much tells meilin chan to go out with her when li dumps her
61- entire episode, toya is so fucking cool but especially 17:50
64- around 12, Sakura is so cute when she answers Li who is talking to himself. Wat eriol says at the very end Is cute
65- halfway, Yuki and Touya epic moment. 15:45 is epic toya face. Toya confession. A great moment; Giving up powers to help Yuki. Sakura finds out. A very AWWW moment/episode

66- Yukito is SO cool about Sakura’s confession
70-sakura makes a card: sad episode but wicked nice end…I’ll miss this fun series. Great ending

Similarities to Negima:
Negima= ccs
-loop card
-premise of card
-chinese martial arts
-circles for magic
-like the older and cool teacher
-yue (name)
-art of meilin= chao (both Chinese)
-large breasted woman from negima = mizuki sensei
syaron- negi (chinese martial arts) [relation to meilin/chao]
-tactical/obsessed pet: Chamo (perv)= kero (food)
-spell in air (same symbol)
-yue’s evil plan succeeds and Sakura is in the future. She is able to return to the past to fix things/negi has the same: failure, returns and succeeeds
-cards are contracts
-eye catch =pactio card
-release- adeat
=episode 48, sakura holds card like negi holds card
-evangeline’s string control and brit kid does the same

Pani Poni Dash anime

A lot of people love this anime. I watched it and was fairly disappointed.

First few episodes were great and they were funny. But even back then, there were problems:
-random references that you had to be a master of Japan to get
-boring stories in each episode

But at least the characters were interesting. But as the series progressed, I came across SAD stuff, not funny stuff (especially Mesosa the rabbit). Sometimes it wasn't even attempting comedy, and was just being slice of life (though much more crazy). Great music though and Rebecca was cute if you are into that kind of thing.

But, in the end, it was overall not funny, boring, and even the characters started to develop annoying personalities (Especially the class rep).

And I noticed something: Negima?! is basically PPD Season 2.

Same art style, Paru and Rei look too much alike (especially hair. Paru also seems to have an ahoge), common monster (green toad thing), similar display of emotion, cartoon on a stick animation, same archeologist outfits, and a rosy blond. Also Baka Rangers from Negima have the same outfit from PPD episode 23 (despite the manga not showing them having any sort of outfit). Also, similar antics in both.