Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer Manga Review

So, I finished this manga! It was a medium length manga so it didn't take too long. It IS completed, which I know is a huge incentive for people.

The genre is Fantasy, Shounen, Action, Adventure, and Romance. The story is, without revealing too much, about a boy who wakes up to a talking lizard. The lizard tells him that he is being conscripted to save the world from a magician who plans to destroy the world with a giant hammer. His other task is to protect the princess, who is currently possessing a classmate of his.

However, the boy and princess' host have a secret: They secretly want to destroy the world themselves! Thus, they must keep this secret from the other beast knights (like our protagonist) until the final moment!

That's the overview without getting into too much detail.

Story: 8.
Very good story, though a bit cliched. It has lots of twists and turns and is lots of fun. Definitely very exciting but not TOO exciting that it'd wear you out! Also, it isn't dragged out. In the end, I thought it could have gone longer. Overall, it was a very fun story.

Characters: 9
This is the shining point. EVERY CHARACTER (all 15 or so) are great and beautifully developed. I specially love the princess' host who seems to be an eviler force than the antagonist. I LOVE it! I love the feeling of servitude to an evil girl like her. As for the beast knights, everyone has a great backstory and great personality. Unfortunately, a few characters here and there don't really show up near the end. But the biggest fault is: I can't remember any of their names. It JUST doesn't seem to matter. You remember them by their animals.

Tidbits: 10
-great art
-lots of little interesting facts (like the Akimisic records, spear of longivus, etc)
-attractive storyline