Thursday, June 18, 2009

Princess Tutu

I just finished a highly rated shoujo (mahou shoujo or magic girl to be exact) anime and it was pretty good. Its about a little duck who becomes a girl who becomes Princess tutu. That's TWO transformations in 1. For the most part, it runs slightly different from other mahou shojos. Unlike most where the entire plot is to collect items or to fight enemies over and over, this anime constantly pushes a plot, meaning missing one can seriously hinder the plot. However it DOES follow the typical shoujo plot a BIT: she DOES collect heart shards for half the anime and the other half she repeats the same "save this person" drama. But what makes this acceptable is:
1. Its all a ballet: She fights by dancing
2. She only does this copypasting drama for... maybe 5 times... and it always ties in to advancing the plot.
3. There is a great inner struggle in all the characters

And the most interesting part of Princess Tutu anime is that THE ENTIRE ANIME IS A BALLET. the music is ballet, the plot is set up like a ballet would be (you probably can guess the end; especially if you know how REAL fairy tales tend to end), and the themes are of a ballet.

Random notes:
Princess tutu 6- its intense. There are negative consequences for returning his heart. Is it right to bring him back to normal? Very interesting and awesome. Brings up the question of “does he really need his heart if only makes him suffer?” Wow, reaching epic so soon.
Princess tutu 7- clearly a very deep example of magical girl
8- fakira was so nice 11:00. 18:20, fakir is so badass. 19:30 HOLY SHIT, just llike a real ballet, it has such intense themes like stabbing oneself’s heart. A real ballet : can’t tell her emotions, stabbing eachself, battles of emotions
Princess tut 10- 15:17 AWWWW, Fakira hugs the duck. 21:07 is pretty funny with fakira and ahoge
12- at 6:58, Fakira smiles at Duck, so cute. 17:18 Duck panties!. Oh god, naked duck is great, watch until 19
princess tutu 13- end of season 1, beginning of season 2
14- Mute’s smile at 7 is so cute
15- at 21, peka’s hair is cute
16- freiya is cute
20- at 17, dark muteo is great
21- at 7:30 or so, the cat jumps into the bag. 18:17:F UCK YEAH, that kid got blown away
23- at 15:30, the prince is so badass
24- the bird muteo is great 15:30 or later

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Code Geass (season 1 and season 2)

A very interesting anime. Its thriller drama but with mecha as well. Even if you dislike Mecha that is ignorable (much like Gurren Lagann was if you just look at the bromance). And like Gurren Lagann, it had a great soundtrack. Season 1 had a great finale and so did season 2 though people are still debating over its end.

CG was similar to death note:
-needing to keep your cover
-making a better world
-debate over what's right
-mystical power (with rules)

Now for some random memories (You can ignore these):

code geass 1- last sentence was pretty badass. He’s moping and then turns it around
Code geass 3- death note like strategy. 16: 35, naked kallen= SO HOT
code geass 5- 10:30, “what are you doing?” “what indeed”
code geasss 15- 10:27, Leulouch’s attempt to get CC to stay is so cute. 13:19 or so, flashback has a great atmosphere with music. Pretty good episode with badassery, a brillant end (it seems the tables will turn but they don’t!)
code geass 16- at 5, that earl dude is so cool. But oh my god, the way he beat Mao is GENIUS
code geasss r2, episode 3- at 13, naked Kallen is amazing
Code geass r2 episode 13- its been so long and this episode blew me away with its awesomeness
Cg r2 episode 16- cc is SO cute and ilove how lelouch is so nice to her. Watching her )19:30 and such) is great!
code geass r2 19- at 21, the infamous suzaku laugh
21- 20:40, Suzaku knocking out the guards and Lelouch taking emperor’s chair WAS AMAZING
code geass r2 25- 8:20 DID ORANGE JUST LEAP ONTO A ROBOT! SO BADASS. Great end by the way. Hilarious that Orange works on an orange plantation

Power of media

Watching a movie or TV CAN influence people. Violent games or shows can make a kid pretend to wield a gun. Heck, even I want to do sign language after "Children of a lesser god" or to dance ballet after Princess Tutu.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

K-ON series review

K-ON is another slice of life anime but this one with a music basis. Unlike with Lucky Star, there is no Haruhi promotions and no parodies of other series. This is beneficial to K-ON which is decent because of it.

Okay opening but GREAT ending song. In fact, after a pretty bad first episode, its the ending that gives a watcher the energy to watch episode 2 and so on. For the most part, the ending also is the reason for the creation of the fanbase for the only rational character in K-ON: Mio. In fact, I am a large fan of Mio and have collected about 300 pictures of her (wow, that's pretty sad).

Now for a review of the series: It's good.... with exceptions.
Its okay for the first 3 episodes but episode 4-8 and great and they even play a great song episode 8. 9 and on (at this point, I've only seen up to episode 10 but have heard the synopsis for episode 11) are weakening. Perhaps episode 12, the last episode, will make this series a winner.

Its a good anime but forgettable other than for its 2 good songs (so far): Ending (Please don't say you are lazy) and episode 8's song (My love is a stapler).