Saturday, January 3, 2009

Review and Guide: Negima Volume Three

Volume 3: (Chapters 16-25)

Ah, finally a great volume. We have a conflict that relates to the overall plot. A vampire who was trapped by Nagi, Negi's father, through his use of a sealing spell attempts to escape. To do this, she must drink Negi's blood. Of course, Negi can't let himself get killed and so he must fend off her attacks.

The story starts to get good with this volume. It will get better but we can't rush such things! The volume is solely dealing with the issue of the vampire. It does introduce 4 more characters so that's a plus.

Characters: Kaede the ninja is introduced, a very important and interesting character (one of the Baka Rangers too). Evangeline the vampire is also introduced, another important character. Chamo, the ermine, is brought in and he serves an important job of creating pactios. These three should be watched carefully as they are very important as well. Chachamaru is a robot and Evangeline's partner and she makes her appearance as well.
Overall, this a great volume.

Things to think about:
What made Nagi so great?
Why is Asuna immune to Evangeline's attacks?
What are the effects of a pactio/contract?
Is this Kaede person a ninja?!

And with that, we reach a bit of a turning point! The rest of the volumes pertain the issue of the main plot: looking for Nagi Springfield. Future characters are introduced THROUGH the plot or through filler chapters. Pretty much, the series gets better from now on. And boy, does it!

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