Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nolan Fever

I've been watching all kinds of Christopher Nolan movies recently. You could say I have a fever. But that would silly as I am quite healthy.

My first Nolan movie was The Prestige. The reason I watched it? Fucking David Bowie. I went in looking for the Bowie. Couldn't find the bastard. It was only at the end, when the credits were rolling, I noticed he was Tesla. Sure enough, (after rewinding), he WAS Tesla. Damn bastard is a good actor.

2010, I saw Inception. It was thrilling and quite creative. A bit too much shooting for a psychological movie (batman had less shooting) but still AMAZING. But now I knew who Nolan was.

I have to admit: I had seen NONE of the batman movies. But I decided to get the famous "The Dark Knight" Movie. It was great. I recommend it to all, even if you dislike action. Then I saw Batman Begins. Also amazing, though I wish Scarecrow had more action.

I saw Insomnia last Tuesday. Another thrilling movie. Absolutely wonderful.

This leaves 2 more Nolan movies to see: Momento and ......I can't even remember anymore.