Thursday, June 11, 2009

K-ON series review

K-ON is another slice of life anime but this one with a music basis. Unlike with Lucky Star, there is no Haruhi promotions and no parodies of other series. This is beneficial to K-ON which is decent because of it.

Okay opening but GREAT ending song. In fact, after a pretty bad first episode, its the ending that gives a watcher the energy to watch episode 2 and so on. For the most part, the ending also is the reason for the creation of the fanbase for the only rational character in K-ON: Mio. In fact, I am a large fan of Mio and have collected about 300 pictures of her (wow, that's pretty sad).

Now for a review of the series: It's good.... with exceptions.
Its okay for the first 3 episodes but episode 4-8 and great and they even play a great song episode 8. 9 and on (at this point, I've only seen up to episode 10 but have heard the synopsis for episode 11) are weakening. Perhaps episode 12, the last episode, will make this series a winner.

Its a good anime but forgettable other than for its 2 good songs (so far): Ending (Please don't say you are lazy) and episode 8's song (My love is a stapler).

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