Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Code Geass (season 1 and season 2)

A very interesting anime. Its thriller drama but with mecha as well. Even if you dislike Mecha that is ignorable (much like Gurren Lagann was if you just look at the bromance). And like Gurren Lagann, it had a great soundtrack. Season 1 had a great finale and so did season 2 though people are still debating over its end.

CG was similar to death note:
-needing to keep your cover
-making a better world
-debate over what's right
-mystical power (with rules)

Now for some random memories (You can ignore these):

code geass 1- last sentence was pretty badass. He’s moping and then turns it around
Code geass 3- death note like strategy. 16: 35, naked kallen= SO HOT
code geass 5- 10:30, “what are you doing?” “what indeed”
code geasss 15- 10:27, Leulouch’s attempt to get CC to stay is so cute. 13:19 or so, flashback has a great atmosphere with music. Pretty good episode with badassery, a brillant end (it seems the tables will turn but they don’t!)
code geass 16- at 5, that earl dude is so cool. But oh my god, the way he beat Mao is GENIUS
code geasss r2, episode 3- at 13, naked Kallen is amazing
Code geass r2 episode 13- its been so long and this episode blew me away with its awesomeness
Cg r2 episode 16- cc is SO cute and ilove how lelouch is so nice to her. Watching her )19:30 and such) is great!
code geass r2 19- at 21, the infamous suzaku laugh
21- 20:40, Suzaku knocking out the guards and Lelouch taking emperor’s chair WAS AMAZING
code geass r2 25- 8:20 DID ORANGE JUST LEAP ONTO A ROBOT! SO BADASS. Great end by the way. Hilarious that Orange works on an orange plantation

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