Friday, March 27, 2009

Toradora episode 25

While the past 2 episodes seemed rushed, this one seemed to drag a little. Maybe it was normal and I was just comparing to the ones before, but it did kinda seem long... I don't know why they had Taiga run away and come back in the same episode. Why follow the novels (unlike what you did before) if it didn't have any impact on the audience because of presentation? What, we are supposed to believe it showed Ryuuji's determination? Yea right. It was an okay last episode though it didn't do anything amazing, but nothing bad either.

Ending was lack luster. So he said "i love you"...okay and? Most series end and make you wanna clap or feel empty. I feel neither with this series. I will be fine to never watch this again. Only thing that interested by was the teacher's speech on leaving our friends but when I resaw it, it wasn't as good as I thought.

Overall: Toradora brings nothing new to the plate. If you are well versed in anime and western literature, it should be everything you've already seen with nothing original or interesting. In fact, it seemed to be missing parts of the typical storyline. Whatever... it was okay. Miniron's Voice actor was good when doing other people's voices but that's it.

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