Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clannad and Clannad Afterstory

A great series. Too much depressing scenes but if you want a cry, KEY is your man. Clannad is probably my favorite KEY work for better women than Kanon (though Kanon's protagonist was better).

Even if you hate KEY, there are reasons to see this show: Akio, Ushio, and Sunohara/Tomoya hijinks. You might even like the females! Only problems is that every character gets the same rushed through storyline forcing drama upon you AND I do not like the Nagisa storyline much. Also, the end of Afterstory is confusing to most. If you really want to understand, play the visual novel.

Overall, a funny and interesting show. It envokes emotions and makes you get all hyper. Not a bad series to see.

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