Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shinshi Doumei Cross Review

One of the best manga I have read is this one. The mangaka is amazing. The first novel I read by her (I don't remember her name, okay?) is Full Moon wa Sagashite. It seems like a funny like romance comedy...until everyone DIES!!!! It had a much darker theme but still kept the humor. But then towards the end it went crazy with betrayal and action. It was good...I love that kind of twist when its appropriate (TRC made me revise this statement...its transformation was terrible).

But this manga is slightly different: Okay, no its not. Full Moon was great till this came out and blew it out of the water. So many plot twists and very juicy storyline. Chick goes after guy but very unconventional. Read it (I won't spoil ANYTHING as its all plot twists).

Scene: 6
Art is a bit of a turn off and there are all these ads/author notes/random crap on every page. Why?! But its always funny, cute, and amazing.

Characters: 8
You will love all of them. Only manga were I accepted a gay couple (just like Negima is the only lesbian couple). You will be surprised about every character. "OMG, this person was actually ...." and so on. Betrayals occur soon enough.

Story: 6
Unique with minimal bullshit.

Overall: 8

Final thoughts: Worth a read even if this isn't your forte. Its only 40 chapters. Ending is the only disappointment as it seems like a copout...especially since I don't see why she picked that guy as well...

Read full moon wa sagashite if you like Shinshi Doumei Cross, Jonathan is amazing (not in anime though).

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