Friday, February 6, 2009

Lovely Complex Final Review

Alright, time to finish my review of this.

The series remains a formula for the whole series ever since about episode 8.

Its either:
1. Risa wants to get Otani to like her but he kinda shrugs her off by being mean or embarrassing her.
2. Some Maity-sensei worship but realizes its wrong
3. Attempts at Otani again
4. It fails and he is either stubborn/stupid or doesn't answer.
5. "I hate Otani. I'm giving up on him." [episode end] It leaves you on a cliffhanger
6. The next episode isn't exciting and everything is back to normal again.

1. Oh, I love Otani
2. He considers me his girlfriend? OH YAY! He says some nice stuff
3. What episode is about to end? Quickly flash a conflict (ex-girlfriend, girl neighbor, some guy, separation because of college, or break up).
4. Problem is easily resolved and no one cares.

Those are the two formulas of this series. But what makes this show apparently unique is that it is about to freaks (one tall and one short). But this show SHOULD be about Nakao and Nobu-chan, because they are funny and they are a cute couple. Seriously, Risa cries and Otani is always angry. People call them cute but they are both pretty dumb (though funny occasionally). But Nobu chan and Nakao are funny, interesting, and just make a scene great. But of course they also get captured in the end of the series resolution shit: The series tries to show what will happen to them in the future and give them their own episode. I must say, theirs is very funny but I will never like those episodes devoted to one character just to give them a resolution. But of course, Risa HAS to take the limelight by crying when its about Nobu-chan and not her. But proof of Nakao's greatness is: "I have THREE women!" which is his faux-harem he made out of guys. I'm surprised he didn't use the tranveiste instead of dressing up men.

Speaking of tranveistes: Has Haku become gay? He always hangs out with the transveiste (they never appear separate of each other). I like it better that way because the transveiste is the only good part of this series.

But the other couple must fall into the resolution episodes too (but they only get half an episode because no one cares): Tanaka and Suzuki. Suzuki failed his exam (they were applying to the same college) and now he broke the promise they made. I mean, you can guess what the promise is, right? They promised to go to the same college (obviously right?). Well, they have to have a flashback that shows the stereotypical gang-flirts (you know, a group of guys surround a shy girl and ask her simple questions which are interpreted as sexual threats). But why?! Anyone can guess what the promise fact, the flashback doesn't say anything. So that episode fails.
The rest of 23 is pretty weird as Otani says weird shit. But back to the other couple. Tanaka puts on glasses for the first time (its quite moe) and no one mentions it. Its just...there. WHY?! No one seems to realize it and neither does she. But back to the story: Suzuki does the SAME shit that Nakao does: make her angry so she will hate him and progress without him (you know: so she is better off). Christ, the fact that this happens twice makes me think its saying something about boys: "they will make their gfs angry just to do good for them" or "that love means hurting them so they can get better." Tanaka does ballistics too but thats not explained. This is getting pretty weird.

Overall: The episodes are getting worse (though they have still some humor) as they are the same formula with no change. Watch enough and you will learn the pattern yourself. Most fans are just after Otani and Risa (you strange people) and thats why they ignore the flaws. Actually, Risa and Otani are both annoying and dumb. This series has only two interesting things: Nakao, Nobu, and the transveiste (especially the transveiste. I know traps are common but come on! that was awesome!). Maity is fine but overdone in romantic series.

Is this worth a look? I don't think so. Bad music first off. Art is fine but everyone is pretty normal or bad in design (Risa's face most of the time). Characters are bad except for those mentioned. The good doesn't outweight the boring parts of this series. I sort of tell myself if I did have time, I would rewatch this. But I don't think I will (even if I have time).

So in the end: a series to miss unless you are interested by some light humor, obvious end, and three good characters.

On a final note, the last half of the last episode (24) is pretty good. If you know the basic story (seen it up to episode 10), then its worth watching. Funny, kinda cute, and the end song is done a bit better. So check that out.

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